Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yes! Believe it or not; led lighting is already history as they’ve packed sun in a tiny capsule. The pace on which our world is evolving is great and scary at the same time. Just when I was thinking of replacing the energy savers at home with led lighting Luxim plasma packed tic tac showed up. Which is capable of emitting bright light equivalent to a streetlight. Luxim tic tac’s can emit power of a 400W Halogen bulb, and using only 250W. This makes Luxim tic tac’s twice as efficient as that of an led bulb and 4x as efficient as CFL's.

Some interesting specs:
Luxim Bulbs - 140 lumens/watt
LED's - 70 lumens/watt
Incandescent - 15 lumens/watt
Inside Luxim tic tac’s at 6000 degrees Kelvin, which is as hot as the sun. Supported with over $40 Million in VC funds it definitely helps to believe in this stuff. If they can figure out the crazy heat sink issues and somehow put it into something the size of a light bulb and make it commercially available then led lighting will be considered no more then a decor item.

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