Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wooden cell phone

A cell phone with wooden case could be a great fun and has the capacity to elude the market. Even though there are no technical specifications available at the moment, but its sleek and cool design is enough to grab the consumers’ eye.

eco-friendly fabric

Singtex Industrial Co., a world-renowned Taiwanese company known for producing functional fabrics, is out with its groundbreaking idea. The company developed a new eco-friendly product that uses fibers made from waste coffee grounds. The fabric, called “S.Cafe” is a result of three years dedication and efforts of the company to transform waste coffee grounds into eco-friendly fabric.

The eco fabric from coffee grounds has unique qualities like they dry quickly, controls odors and offers UV protection. All these aspects contribute to making the fabric eco-friendly, which the company loves to flaunt. A patented process turns the coffee grounds into yarn, which is then used to produce many styles of knitted and woven fabrics, as well as soft shell eco fabrics.

Unlike other yarns, the eco fabric is totally chemical-free and does not use any kind of unsafe materials. The process of converting the coffee grounds into fabric does not require high temperature carbonization, hence is energy efficient. One medium sized cup of the coffee grounds is capable of producing two T-shirts. As far as the washing of the eco-friendly fabric is concerned, it can be washed using plain water without any detergent.

Eco Burials

Biodegradable coffins made from banana sheaves promise green burials.

For those of you who are trying to save the environment at all times and want your burial to be just as green as your life, Ecoffins USA has developed biodegradable caskets made from banana sheaves. The caskets take six to 24-months to biodegrade and the company developing the caskets has already sold $40,000 worth of banana-sheaf and bamboo coffins to funeral homes.

The company claims that biodegradable coffins are easier on the environment and doesn’t require the body to be embalmed, and it too like the coffin decomposes into the earth

Michale Jackson Funeral

Michale Jackson Funeral on its way and the internet grinds yet again. About 25 mins ago Michale Jackson Funeral turned into a memorial service as the Michael Jackson's body form a motorcade as they drive away from the Forest Lawn cemetery following a private memorial service for the pop star.

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