Monday, November 30, 2009

Climate Change, Emails and Lies

The change in weather in a particular region or worldwide over a period of time is called climate change. There are various factors for climate change Plate tectonics reconfiguring, Variation in Solar intensity, proximity to the sun, Volcanism, Ocean variability and Human influences. The main factor concerning the world regarding climate change is the Human Influence. The human population has had unprecedented growth over the past centuries and this growth is a major factor for climate change. However the debate where this is true or not now rages on as there are eminent scientists on both side of the argument vehemently defending their views.

There is a furious ongoing debate about the accuracy of data used to support global warming, this controversy has escalated even more since the leak of private emails from the university of East Anglia where most of the research comes from. The initial fears are the data has been doctored and manipulated to make global warming look more extreme a change then it is. This is going to become the main topic at the Copenhagen climate conference which is being attended by nearly all the nations of the world. I guess the need hear is for some common sense to prevail. We cannot deny the fact that human interaction with earth on such proportions that we can effect the climate and alter it by our combined actions. The manipulation of data is something unfortunate and it should not cloud our judgment, we should remain focused on the path to try bringing our actions in line with mother nature and try and exist in perfect harmony as our ancestors did for thousands of years.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Not Organic medicines

Organic medicines to a lot of us are herbal base slow effecting medicines that can’t coup up with the pace of our lives. Many would be surprised to learn that organic medicines have proven to be just as effective as stimulant drugs at suppressing symptoms, but this is just one of the many benefits of Organic medicines. Organic medicines acts more like a supplement rather then a drug. Also Organic medicines have been used for centuries and are very sustainable compared to our modern drugs simply because the raw materials for Organic medicines are usually local.

Since our body is organic, so giving it Organic medicines, rather than a synthetic medicine is a healthier course of action. Research has also shown that Organic medicines have lesser side effects compared to the synthetic medicine, as Organic medicines enhancement our resistance against diseases by recovering the deficiencies in our bodies. This means that in Organic medicines herbs and botanics work together to heal the dysfunction that causes the disorders in the first place. This also explains why an Organic medicine needs to be taken longer then the synthetic drug.

A further simplified example would be the difference between popping calcium pills VS drinking a glass of milk every day. While drinking milk regularly would prevent the bones from breaking down in our body, calcium pill would choke our kidneys with calcium residue.

Thus organic medicines can be used for instant relief as well as full natural long term recovery as well.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lose weight

green your sex life

eco bike rides

Germany-based GRACE has announced the development of what is being touted to be the first street-legal electric motorbike that has been made from euro-fighter plane parts and formula one car parts making it the toughest e-bike ever to be made.

Zero-emission bike powered by electricity.

Powered by a 13Ah lithium-ion battery, the GRACE can be recharged in just one hour. Since the bike is individually made for each client, the company offers 3 different frame types and an option to choose your ride in 64 different colors.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Houcs of Hybrid Vehicle

Is hybrid vehicle really the solution to our energy & environment based problems? Can a hybrid vehicle really be an energy efficient solution of transport? Is the manufacturing of hybrid vehicle an environment friendly process? & if hybrid vehicle is really an answer to all our problems then, how much energy are we going to conserve by switching to hybrid vehicle & what impacts would hybrid vehicles leave on our environment. Lets see are we sure we wish to talk about hybrid vehicle, is adopting to hybrid vehicle really a solution and if the era of hybrid vehicle would only be a transiently phase then do we really need to invest into hybrid vehicle.

Looking beyond hybrid vehicle tells us that there are batter solutions then adopting hybrid vehicles. We’ve been able to develop more efficient technologies, then the misty and deceiving hybrid vehicle. We know that before the world wars, air and kinetic energy based engines were operational in buses and trams in Europe, the capitalist decided to kill those Eco friendly cheaper to use technologies so that fossil fuel could be exploited. Now when the wind of change is blowing they are trying there luck with the hocus of hybrid vehicle, they intend to keep the technologies such as electric and hydrogen cars very costly until that they can pull the last of fossil fuel from the planet and choke the last human being to death. Renewable resources of energy are already promising free electricity in the longer run, then rejecting an electric car and advocating a hybrid vehicle is nothing less then a game of deception. Water being the waste of a hydrogen vehicle makes hybrid vehicle a gas guzzler.

Demand Alternate, Demand Renewable cos you earn for your self not for your vehicle.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Solar Power

In our search for renewable energy which would ultimately be able to replace fossil fuels. We have looked everywhere for answers from bio fuels to, nuclear energy. The only renewable resource that Man has come across which has the properties and capabilities of petroleum and then some is solar power. If some of the statistics provided by scientists are to be considered taken into context the only problem left to resolve is how to harness solar power, if we find an efficient way of doing so solar power can provide for all our needs and lets face it the Sun is here to stay for a few billion years so we would never have to find an alternative source. Solar power is being harnessed but on small scales.

We have yet to make a complete model in which everything that normal human being does in a civilized environment can be processed using solar power. This includes everyday chores such as cooking, cleaning, transport, work, lighting just naming a few. The Japanese even had plans to have Hugh mirrors in space which would harness solar power. however most recently the technology required to harness solar power is steadily improving and the capabilities of its use are reassuring. Solar power is only being held back by the people who have power only because they have resources that are limited and hence it gives them great powers. Solar power would change all that as it is far more difficult if not impossible to control.

Earth is Home

Space might be the final frontier but earth is home. The more we explore the universe we realize how unique earth is. The irony here is that we mankind probably knows more about outer space then our earth, its deep seas or the heart of Amazon rain forest. Species on earth number in the millions, however they are disappearing more rapidly then they are being discovered. Humanity has been searching far from as far into the universe as our current technology allows to find a similar planet which shares properties with earth however its reinforces the view that we are in a unique position relative to everything.

Earth has seen a lot during its lifetime 4.6 billion years, out of which it has been inhabited by life for around 3.7 billion years. Mercilessly man has still to find any signs of life on other planets within out galaxy or indeed other galaxies. Earth the unique quality of having seen such vast amounts of species each so unique from the next that they might as well be alien. Nature, Mother Earth, God wherever name might be given to it. The system that runs our earth is perfect in its architecture with in its bounds it has existed for centuries, millennium and further in a fine balance. Each variable so delicate that if one is touch all others are effected.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Endangered species

A fifth of the world's known mammals, a third of its amphibians, more than a quarter of its reptiles and up to 70% of its plants are under threat of extinction according to the red list ( threatened species, the latest annual survey compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN estimates that nearly 17,300 of the world's 47,677 assessed species are under threat of extinction.

The ecosystem is very fragile; the reason for this fragility is the connection of everything is linked. Humans are the most widespread and influential of all species. This interaction has led a lot of species to the brink of extinction. Although the list of species we have is still not completely catalogued. The list of species that are endangered seems to be on the rise. Destruction of habitat, shirking of food, changes in temperature, introduction of alien species into the food chain naming just a few basic reasons which are the cause of species on the endangered species list.

Ever since the first signs of life are traced on the planet there have been mass extensions, this is not a new phenomena. The disappearing of dinosaurs is the single biggest mass extinction on record. However extinction of species has always been in accordance to the evolutionary paths it follows. The difference this time is that Man is the cause of all the species indifference.

Composting aka life

Composting frankly is expansive then not composting, but still we should practice composting regularly cos composting is purposeful and pays back in the longer run. Composting was being practiced by the ancient Romans and there are traces of practicing composting in many religious scriptures.

Composting occurs due to the activity of microorganisms available in the soil & organic materials. Composting is nature’s recycling process that helps break down organic materials into a nutrient rich soil like substance that is extremely good for plant growth. Some argue that nature does not compost, it only mulches. Well mulching it’s self is the most basic form of composting. Through mulching nature not only saves the fertile layers of soil in the forest from washing away but also maintains a constant cycle of composting. Last weeks mulch would be today’s compost. As composting creates the skin [top soil] in nature so it’s wise to starts composting with the skin of our organic trash.

What to compost:

Composting can turn a lot of our organic trash into fertile organic goodness. If you live in a developing or a third world country then you could do a lot of composting compared to the people who live in developed countries with processed & caned food. Fruit & vegetable peels along with egg shells and dead leaves are some very basic composting ingredients that come out of our kitchens almost every day.

Where to compost:

Compost in your back yard or on your roof top or even in your garage.

Composting pot & process:

If your intend to start with kitchen based composting, a couple of large terracotta pot should be your basic apparatus, placed on top of each other with table tennis ball sized hole at the base of the top one. Now start dumping your organic raw kitchen waste except flesh into the top pot and cover it with your grass clippings or dead leaves and if you feel that the materials are too dry simply sprinkle some water. After about a couple of weeks start shaking the top pot and the broken down compost would pour down to the bottom pot which could be later on used to feed plants and vegetables.

Composting means Life:

A single spade from the middle of a compost bin contains more species of organisms than can be found above ground in the entire Amazon rain forest.

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