Saturday, October 4, 2008


Container homes are becoming the most popular type of urban Eco friendly housing. Container homes are also becoming the symbol of mega & greener recycling, as the amount of energy and resources utilized to convert old shipping containers into comfortable container homes is far lesser then melting and welding those rusty old containers. Container homes is not a new concept during the mid of the last century caravans and trailer were introduced as the new age alternate housing. Container homes today are no dough a viable green solution for cleaning up the shorelines all around the globe. Container homes are also developing an impression of sudden yet reliable housing that not only looks nice but is also energy efficient. Green homes made out of straw bales, sand bags and bamboos are great but just not the answer of our ever growing urbanization. Container homes are the preeminent green solution when it comes to tiny spaces of the synthetic urban environment.

Container homes are being fabricated from the inside with green insulation's to control temperatures and provide sound proofing, but that’s not some thing to get excited about what fascinates more about these container homes is the possibility of using reflective surface paints and solar ivy’s for preventing heat and generating electricity. Efficient and green passive solar lighting and heating is also possible in container homes with little alteration. Modern solutions such as led lighting and efficient ventilation systems make container home the next big thing in the housing industry. Solar water heaters, mini wind turbines and photo voltaic promise off the grid cheep and green living when installed on the solid surfaces and perfect angles provided by these container homes. Landscaping and rainwater harvesting are some of the passive and interlinked features that are being used to soften the industrial look that is associated with container homes.

Container homes are now available in container home kits designed to do it your self DIY intelligent designs for developing urban minimalist and contemporary homes out of rusty old shipping containers. LOT-EK is one such company that provides container homes kit with some very nice and efficient designs.

With China’s voracious appetite for steel and other construction materials, and trade deficits that nations face with China piles and piles of rusty old shipping containers are stacking, at some places these piles of shipping containers actually mean sun set an hour earlier. Container homes are not only helping reduce such shocking sight pollution but also providing cheep green housing at $150 per sq ft in areas where a regular construction would easily cost $250 per sq ft.

Container homes are also a step towards grand civil mobility as mobile container hospitals and emergency centers would be a sudden relief when ever where ever help is required.

Container homes are such a spark that they are bringing monkey thought in my brain like putting the container homes on platforms with sliders to minimize the damage during earth quakes and winds, some external ideas include putting them on shocks …..

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