Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Solar energy today means clean and green mean of energy, but solar energy is being harnessed by humans both intentionally and UN intentionally since the very solar day they came into existence. Simply sitting in sun means absorbing solar energy to aid our bodies with vitamin D, preserving food with the drying process using solar energy is another primitive but very effective mean of harvesting the solar energy.
Solar energy moved along with the development of human societies, Babylonians, Arab, Moorish, Mughal’s, and almost all Indian civilizations used solar energy as a natural lighting system, using reflective mirrors embedded into beautiful patterns in there buildings, along with the water and mercury pounds to reflect sunlight into desired directions. Solar energy took an absolute new meaning with the development of photovoltaic solar cells and very quickly became a popular idea of an alternative source of energy that could counter fossil fuel. But it was not until the last decade of the 20th century when solar energy became the ultimate symbol of self sufficiency triggered by general séance of chaos because of the war on terror.
Means of solar energy are evolving on daily bases, energy efficient and low cost means of solar energy are being explored to make solar energy a more viable source of power generation. Solar reflectors are being used to concentrate solar energy on one focal point in order to harvest the heat of the sun that is then used for running sterling engines and other types of turbines. Micro solar panels are being made for cost and energy efficient utilization of solar energy. Solar paints and ivy’s along with charges that use solar energy to power out gadgets and cell phones are becoming popular very quickly. Solar energy is free and you don’t need to kill innocent people to secure it for one nation only, every one in the world gets there fair and consistent share of solar energy every morning. It wont be wrong to state that solar energy will fuel our future beyond the boundaries of fossil fuel saga.

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