Monday, June 2, 2008


Global warming, failing planet or failing human race...
Oh no! I’m not trying to deny global warming, its here for sure, my modest attempt is just to elucidate that nature is so perfect that there is no chance of this planet failing at all. In fact things such as climate change, Raising sea levels, glacier retreat, ARCTIC shrinkage all that we know as the effects of global warming are simply earths attempt in a very calculated and systematic manner to maintain the delicate balance of nature. Extreme weather, tropical diseases & changes in the timing of seasonal patterns in ecosystems all this is how planet earth is taking a toll on mankind for its revitalization.
Let’s just make it simple; every action has an equal but an opposite reaction. Our action have been very careless for the past 3 centuries, but for 2 centuries, Earth kept quite, just an indication here and an indication there, some times floods and some times drought, that’s it, not much was done by earth against humans. But all of sudden the amazing industrial revolution starts, with fossil fuel feeding our hunger of desire and consumption, so much so that the capitalists made sure that after the world war 2 environment friendly and cost efficient compressed air engine, was eliminated from the text books and a propaganda of poor efficiency was started against it while it was already being used for public transport during the late 18th century.
Getting back to our topic, is this planet failing due to global warming, or is it the human race failing on daily bases because of its greed and careless attitude towards mother earth. In my opinion with a bit of common sense and a keener observation it’s clear that the human race is losing this battle badly, a tsunami has not done any thing to the planet, it only washed humans out of its way, some bit of land was lost for sure, with human foot prints on it, but just to be more productive under the water. Nature is not weak in fact its strong, strong enough to develop new coral reef on the base rocks for palm island in Dubai, this make her very adaptive as well.
Every action of nature, minor or disastrous is going to lead to a much more prosperous earth, and a very insecure human race. Drought brings famine, which leads to human migration; but the land stays back, because it can wait for rain, to sprout lush green vegetation which if not exploited by humans may turn into a very productive rain forest.
Mankind is losing a lot inform of failing food, arid land, lack of fresh water, wild life species, plants and trees. But we did gain a lot as well, actually quite a lot, who can deny the amazing effects of political instability and war leading to hunger and poverty. Then there are all those diseases we and our children are inheriting, only air- pollution-related deaths are caused by asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, lung disease, heart disease, and respiratory allergies about 40% of fatalities are due to power plant emissions and 50%, to on- and off road vehicle emissions. Cancer and water born disease such as Hepatitis and many stomach problems are the gifts of pollution that is the fruit of our careless and for granted behaviors towards Earth or I may say towards Mankind.
So the slogan should be save the humans. Not save the planet, because the planet is not going anywhere, but the humans might end up rotting, fertilizing the planet to bud life again.

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  1. hi, this is Rishabh.

    I have read ur view and I agree with u completely.

    The fault is the basic human nature which has led to greed,obsession for consumption and in so way mass production and excess industrialisation.

    This has taken humans away from natures rythem.

    So there r all kind of insicurities and selfish attitudes, which hinders human to think simply. otherwise global warming wouldn't have happened.

    I am not in dual mind when I say that we are in danger and not the nature. and the cause is our basic nature.


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