Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Solar Rickshaw London Lahore


Cycle, CNG and LPG rickshaws are common in the developing countries such as India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Rickshaws are one of the major transport facilities in these countries, but another type of rickshaw is about to hit London January 09, this rickshaw wont be runny on fossil fuel energy, Solar Lab a UK based renewable energy research company is developing a rickshaw powered by sustainable clean green solar & human energy. According to the drawing and design details by solar lab, photovoltaic solar cells will be making the roof of the ride and aid the paddle power. According to solar lad solar rickshaw will consume 75 % or more of the required power through the photovoltaic cells while the remaining power will be generated through the paddling by the driver. This human and solar powered hybrid solar rickshaw is expected to reduce 2 tons of carbon emissions per Annam/each rickshaw. As the design of this solar rickshaw is modular so it can easily be converted into load bearing vehicle. If solar rickshaw is a success next ear in London then we might see them in other major cities all over the world.

My hybrid rickshaw design is a bit different from Sun lab’s solar rickshaw design, inspired by the aero turbines of Dr. Bill Becker I am thinking of harnessing the naturally produced wind energy due to the movement of the rickshaw along with the solar energy as well, integrating paddle power in my hybrid rickshaw for backup will be great, so my rickshaw will have an aero turbine mounted on the top along with photovoltaic cells on the roof as well as paddle power for back up and little exercise for the rickshaw driver, every time the rickshaw will hit 6mph the aero turbine should start producing electricity along with the photovoltaic cells juicing up the batteries not only under sun light but also with the wind drag produced through the movement of the rickshaw, thus making it a very efficient and zero carbon emission rickshaw. Running on the roads in Lahore I’m gona call it URAN KHATOLA

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