Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SAWT Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

SAWT is an innovative company engaged in vertical axis wind turbine technology. SAWT stand for Shanghi Aeolus Wind power Technology and SAWT entered Shanghai China in 2005. Research by SAWT’s focuses on vertical axis wind turbine generator including systematic study on aerodynamics & materials. SAWT made breakthroughs in commercializing vertical axis wind generator.

SAWT has been able to develop designs there large product range, i.e. 200-watt, 300-watt, 500-watt, 1000-watt, 3000-watt, vertical axis wind turbines. 10kw vertical axis wind turbines by SAWT are ready for marketing and sales, while two designs 200-watt, 300-watt of vertical axis wind turbines by SAWT have passed experimental phase successfully in wind tunnels. SWAT’S 300-watt vertical axis wind turbine has been installed on experimental grounds at the national highway monitoring system in northern China.

SAWT has obtained 8 international invention patents which is the threshold to enter the vertical axis wind turbine industry. SAWT hopes to replace the traditional horizontal axis wind turbines in the near future with there Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

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