Saturday, April 18, 2009

Utah Containers

Utah Container by Group 41 is a new dimension to Prefab Housing, in fact it wont be wrong to say that Utah Containers in the next generation of Prefab Housing. Shipping Containers are being used allover the world to create eco friendly Prefab Housing, but Utah Containers is innovative because it’s a housing scheme devised out of 1000 Shipping Containers. Group 41 has developed two schemes for the Salt Lake City suburb complex and is waiting for planning approval. The Two schemes of Utah Containers differ in style and layout, but not in facilities, both have large underground parking garages and a courtyard. Utah Containers will be located near a future commuter rail line and shopping center.
Projects like Utah Containers offer the right type of Sustainable Recycling on massive scale, Container and Prefab Homes are a sustainable type of recycling as they require less energy in construction compared to melting down Shipping Containers. Utah Containers is an Eco friendly solution to the ever increasing demand of sustainable green housing.

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