Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sustainable design tennis ball chair

In a sustainable design article posted by Yuka Yoneda on inhabitat . Yuka tells us how to be sustainable enough to fight the ever increasing global warming by using recycled material.
What do you think of when you think “green design?” Probably not a chair made entirely of recycled tennis balls! This sustainable and unexpected take on recycling by furniture designer Hugh Hayden maker of this playful FUNATURE Tennis Ball Chair and also the winner of BKLYN Designs Most Innovative Use of Materials Award. He used medium size (297 repurposed tennis balls) to make it smart and simple, it’s also fun and sustainable and when it comes to getting people talking about sustainable design, the Tennis Ball Chair is the perfect eco conversation piece.

Why tennis balls? Their high turnover during matches means that a huge number of the fuzzy lime green spheres get discarded despite their being practically new. Recognizing the durability of the tennis balls, as well as the need to salvage them from getting burnt or dumped, Hayden decided to use them to craft a tongue-in-cheek chair that is surprisingly comfortable to sit .

Since the main component of the chairs already exists and does not need to be produced or processed, it is even more sustainable than some of the materials we usually consider to be extremely sustainable. And in terms of being delightful to look at, the Tennis Ball Chair takes the cake. From this sustainable art piece we can smell that Hugh and the Wimbledon have collaborations? It would certainly a sustainable match (point) scored by them

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