Friday, May 29, 2009

sustainable design

Sustainable design of
Igloo created from bottles collected after the London Marathon

Have you ever thought about what happens to the thousands of plastic water bottles that are used during a marathon event? They’re mostly trashed if green-minded artists like Ashley Phillips aren’t around. The artist has shown his skills in designing a sustainable shelter known as the “Igloo” from the plastic waste collected after the London Marathon.

The Igloo bottle shelter was created to make use of plastic bottle waste that has started to blight the environment and also inspire others about circular metabolism. The igloo shelter has been created from over 4,000 plastic bottles that are held together by only one piece of wire and 40,000 rubber bands that are sourced from sustainable plantations. The plastic bottle shelter can easily be disassembled and can be mounted on a small trolley to ease its transportation.

So start doing something sustainable with your palstic bottles today and make world a green place to live.

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