Monday, June 22, 2009

Deborah – the Recycled Airplane Wing Desk

If you were told that a recycled desk would cost you $5000, then you would obviously think we are crazy or kidding. But that’s no ordinary desk. The creative folks from Reestore have once again conjured up recycling innovation with aviation trash to create a desk out of an old airplane wing. Dubbed Deborah, it looks unusual for an office desk, but the appeal of setting your files on an old Boeing 747 wing is an alluring prospect indeed.

Initially crafted for business tycoon Theo Paphitis, Reestore is now going commercial with this expensive, yet exclusive desk. Supported by stainless steel legs and topped with toughened glass, the desk measures in at 2100mm x 1000mm x 900mm.

Recycle and reuse is a concept that is not very popular in the aviation industry and that is one of the reasons why it gets plenty of slack. I guess Reestore is giving them a whole new way of reducing waste and making some profits too!

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