Thursday, June 18, 2009

pcStudio creates a digital environment

With the growing needs of modern education, technology has become an integral part of contemporary classrooms to complement conventional methods and compete with the best in business. Blending modern style with traditional structure, the “pcStudio” from Zukun Plan is common yet flexible school desks that molds conventional classrooms into a hi-tech computer lab, allowing teachers to control the class pace and organize content to all of the workstations in the classroom. Supporting a digital course structure, the pcStudio lets students download all the assignments onto a small flash drive, which they can install on their home PCs.

With latest developments of a particular subject or topic at their disposal, students can definitely enhance their knowledge and skills not only for examination but for job careers as well. Allowing students to display videos, web pages, text pages or notes, installed by the teacher, the pcStudio functions like a regular PC, enhancing their working computer skills without spending time and money for special computer courses. Moreover, the pcStudio comes with a touch sensitive display that permits the use of a stylus to write papers, solve math equations, highlight text and take notes, creating a digital classroom environment for students.

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