Thursday, June 4, 2009


Smart meter’s & largest "smartest" Smart Meter deployment was undertaken by Enel SpA, in Italy. It has about 27 million customers of Smart Meter. Between 2000 and 2005 Enel deployed Smart Meters to its entire customer base.
These Smart Meters are fully electronic and Smart, with integrated bi-directional communications, advanced power measurement and management capabilities. These Smart Meters are integrated with software-controllable disconnect switch, and an all solid-state design. These Smart Meters communicate over low voltage power line using standards-based power line technology from Echelon Corporation to Echelon data concentrators at which point they communicate via IP to Enel's enterprise servers.
This Smart Meter system provides a wide range of advanced features. Enel’s Smart Meters include the ability to remotely turn power on or off to a customer. These Smart Meters can read usage information from a meter & detect a service outage. Smart Meters could also detect the unauthorized use of electricity & change the maximum amount of electricity that a customer can demand at any time. Enel’s Smart Meters remotely change the meter's billing plan from credit to prepay as well as from flat-rate to multi-tariff.

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