Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toyota Prefab Homes

Toyota Prefab Homes sounds just rite simply because modern Japan is Prefab. Prefab Homes in Japan are being Manufactured and sold in mass by non-other then the automotive giant Toyota! In fact Toyota has been making & selling these Prefab Homes for the Past 20 years now. Well Toyota Prefab Homes sound just the thing for Japan not because Japan is a fast pace country but simply because Japan is an ever shacking country. While manufacturing the Prefab Homes Toyota adapts automobile manufacturing technology. This results in stylish, earthquake-resistant Prefab Homes in Japan.
Toyota Prefab Homes only make 0.5% of Toyota’s sales every year but with dropping car sales due to international recession Cheaper Toyota Prefab Homes might help support Toyota through the thin times. Toyota’s Prefab Homes are built from six or more modules in 45 days. These Prefab Homes have a conservative home model called the Smart Stage that sells for $200k & is about a 1000 sf, two-story home. More expensive, custom-built Prefab Home is 2600 sf that sells for around $800k. Toyota Prefab Homes are strong and guaranteed for about 60 years, which is twice the average lifespan of a home in Japan.
Toyota Prefab Homes were sold in large numbers between 2006 to 2009 some 15000. But what's interesting about Toyota Prefab Homes number is that it shows how effectively Prefab homes can be manufactured using the same techniques that are used in the auto industry. The Toyota Prefab Homes unit is profitable, and Green too as Toyota Prefab Homes compliment the plug-in hybrid Prius by Toyota.

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