Wednesday, June 24, 2009

world’s largest solar project

World’s largest solar power plant to be constructed in Sahara.

Taking advantage of the dryness of Sahara Desert, renewable energy giants are prepping up the installation of the world’s largest solar power plant that collectively will generate a whopping 100GW of concentrating solar power. Promoted by Desertec Foundation, the plant will be built by 20 blue chip German companies, who would be gathering together to discuss plans and investments to create the massive project.

The companies involved in the planning state that similar installations have to be constructed to end the gripping energy crisis. The €400bn project would take 10-15 years to go online, but once constructed it will help other countries of the world to aim towards renewable energy generating plants to end their dependence on fossil fuels.

Unlike other solar power plants, which are usually built on a single location, this massive plant would be scattered throughout politically stable countries in northern Africa. The collective output of the plant would be 80 times larger than a similar plant being planned for the Mojave Desert. The power output would be transported across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe on high-voltage DC lines that will finally supply 15% of the energy demand.

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