Monday, November 30, 2009

Climate Change, Emails and Lies

The change in weather in a particular region or worldwide over a period of time is called climate change. There are various factors for climate change Plate tectonics reconfiguring, Variation in Solar intensity, proximity to the sun, Volcanism, Ocean variability and Human influences. The main factor concerning the world regarding climate change is the Human Influence. The human population has had unprecedented growth over the past centuries and this growth is a major factor for climate change. However the debate where this is true or not now rages on as there are eminent scientists on both side of the argument vehemently defending their views.

There is a furious ongoing debate about the accuracy of data used to support global warming, this controversy has escalated even more since the leak of private emails from the university of East Anglia where most of the research comes from. The initial fears are the data has been doctored and manipulated to make global warming look more extreme a change then it is. This is going to become the main topic at the Copenhagen climate conference which is being attended by nearly all the nations of the world. I guess the need hear is for some common sense to prevail. We cannot deny the fact that human interaction with earth on such proportions that we can effect the climate and alter it by our combined actions. The manipulation of data is something unfortunate and it should not cloud our judgment, we should remain focused on the path to try bringing our actions in line with mother nature and try and exist in perfect harmony as our ancestors did for thousands of years.

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