Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Not Organic medicines

Organic medicines to a lot of us are herbal base slow effecting medicines that can’t coup up with the pace of our lives. Many would be surprised to learn that organic medicines have proven to be just as effective as stimulant drugs at suppressing symptoms, but this is just one of the many benefits of Organic medicines. Organic medicines acts more like a supplement rather then a drug. Also Organic medicines have been used for centuries and are very sustainable compared to our modern drugs simply because the raw materials for Organic medicines are usually local.

Since our body is organic, so giving it Organic medicines, rather than a synthetic medicine is a healthier course of action. Research has also shown that Organic medicines have lesser side effects compared to the synthetic medicine, as Organic medicines enhancement our resistance against diseases by recovering the deficiencies in our bodies. This means that in Organic medicines herbs and botanics work together to heal the dysfunction that causes the disorders in the first place. This also explains why an Organic medicine needs to be taken longer then the synthetic drug.

A further simplified example would be the difference between popping calcium pills VS drinking a glass of milk every day. While drinking milk regularly would prevent the bones from breaking down in our body, calcium pill would choke our kidneys with calcium residue.

Thus organic medicines can be used for instant relief as well as full natural long term recovery as well.

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