Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tea Bag composting

Tea is the social drink of the world & it’s dead fashionable to compost these days, so other then our regular organic waste why not compost Tea Bags as man kind consumed 5.2 million metric tons of tea in 2009 alone. Tea Bag composting should be a simple task but thanks to many manufacturers using syntactic Tea Bags instead of paper, one needs to be a bit conscious before chucking their Tea Bag into the compost bin, as you don’t wanna picks those tiny plastic bags once you intend to use your compost…
If your Tea Bag's made out of paper and has an organic thread with a paper based tag then all you need to do is to throw the used bag in your compost bin straight away and the Tea Bag should take about 4 days in humid conditions before releasing the tea inside while the paper and thread should take about a month before breaking down…
If the tea bag is made out of a synthetic material then you might wanna cut the bag and put its contents in the compost bin… other then Tea Bags one can also compost used tea leaves.
In countries like China, Pakistan, Morocco & India tea leaves are infuse in water to create mix tea which is then strained before serving, these strained tea leaves can also be washed under a tap in the strainer and then dumped with other organic waste to compost bins….
Tea leaved and tea bags are great for composting as they increase the mass of compost really quickly and also help in speeding up the composting processes as they posses’ acidic phosphates…which become great heating agents in a compost bin.
So next time think twice before wasting a used tea bag as its green gold you’re about to trash….


  1. I use 3 tea bags & 20g of open tea leaf a week while the place where i work consumes about 3500 tea bags every week...

  2. OMG...this is great...this way we CAN make a difference!!!!! I am also going to try and stick to the old fashioned way of making tea when ever possible!!!!!! thanks for sharing this usefull piece of information....

  3. Hannan eats tea bags for lunch and dinner... No wonder he's always talking about them... I declare tea bag war!


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