Monday, March 8, 2010


Ah! Carver ... Sweet sweet Carver!

No gadget or vehicle except Carver in my 25 years of life has made me excited enough to want it until while looking for efficient vehicles on line i saw the Carver in video feathering Robert Hammond of top gear... I know i saw Carver 6 years late but this machine is the ultimate toy until they come up with a flying car as sexy as the Carver.... Now who would say no to a three wheeler that has a 660 CC turbo charged engine which is good for 115 crazy miles an hour....The carver is an absolute lunatic, doped and stoned vehicle, made to tilt as much as a freaky 45 degrees...depending on the pressure we you exert on the steering wheel....made by the amazing crazy Dutch the Carver is a jet fighter moving on roads.....only missing a couple of machine guns on its sides...Carver has an electric motor powered by a battery which on draining down to 80% gets more power form an engine with 4 gallon fuel tank..Now think of sitting on a chair fixed at 45 degrees....and then imagine the chair is moving at about 60 miles per hour..... the Carver is a gadget to end all gadgets....and i WANT ONE....and i know that Carver one filed for Bankruptcy & Venture one is the successor of the technology...


  1. Gr8...........just wait for couple hundred years for them to start rolling down the streets.......
    Atif Hussain

  2. Venture one is for sale atif! at $ 22000 :)


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