Thursday, April 24, 2008

Plastic bags ban in Pakistan

Following the foot steps of Zanzibar and other nations of the world like China and Israel the newly elected Pakistani national assembly agreed upon banning the use of plastic bags for grocery and other daily use commodities. Mr. Riaz Fitiana an opposition member presented the bill for the ban on 22nd of April 23, 2008 for a vote which was not only supported by the federal Minster for environment Mr. Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi, but was also approved by majority of members of the national assembly.
This bill of ban on the use of plastic bags should bring a considerable difference in not only pollution altogether but should also reduce the sight pollution, as these plastic bags make 80 % of the litter that can be seen on the streets all over the country.This bill also suggested the use of biodegradable shopping bags, and insists on the government to take an initiative for bringing these bags to the market and the consumer.

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