Friday, April 25, 2008

Ride a bicycle for producing electricity.

Motivation for fitness and environment friendliness with a different approach, now ride a bicycle and charge your cell phone, or a battery that can power your laptop. Motorola and another group of individuals developed the technology, and made it public during the Coachella Music & arts Festival energy factory, a three-day event visited by almost 60000 people every day. Some 24 bikes were setup at the festival and visitors were provoked to paddle the bicycles for generating electricity directly using human power input.
The design at the Festival included a bike, trainer stand, an alternator and a 12V battery.Human energy is directly being harnessed on bicycles, from the early age of cycling, inform of the mini dynamo motor attached to the rare wheel of the cycles, that powered the torch placed on the handle of the bicycle. Who knows some day we might as well start using the good old flour and water mills.

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