Friday, July 11, 2008

Weird and Wonderful Gab Leaf & Garlic Association.

They are large, warm brown and scattered all over the jog track and the green patch on the both sides of the track. For the past hole week during our dusk walks mum’s been staring at those gab leafs in a bizarre manner, and I’ve been making prepositions in my mind about what is she thinking about, staring at the shaded brown blanket covering the grounds.
Yesterday mum tugged me out of my mental misery.
MUM started: [Do you remember how Bill Mollison covered the grounds around his potato plantation with news paper and hay to prevent water evaporation and weeds from growing along] I am responsible of showing her all Permaculture videos on you tube.
The dumb surprised look on my face made her giggle a bit and then,
MUM continued: [I want to use these glossy brown gab leafs to cover the planter bed up stairs at home and plant Garlic there]
I go: OK!
MUM: Well that would save me a trip every day to water them.
Then she pulled a large folded plastic bag out of her hand bag.
MUM: Fill them with the glossy ones.
While collecting the nice glossy brown ones I was smiling at my lazy self and the active thrifty personality my mother has. We picked quite a full yesterday and I took this photograph, the glossy brown leafs and the Garlic look fantastic together.
I’ll be posting some more details and maybe photographs too, of our little Garlic and Gab leaf Permaculture experiment as soon as mum finds some time to make me do it.

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