Monday, July 14, 2008

Ingredients of Social Wisdom

Faith, Patience and Sharing.

The idea of our grand parents sharing toilets with the rest of the population in their neighborhood used to disgust me, until one day I read this perception changing line some where, [How much of this precious planet do we wish to spare for dumps, landfills and attach baths in our homes]
What just happened to us, how we became so self centered that sharing smiles is not common anymore. What made us so unsure of yourselves, there is no such thing as food insecurity and failing societies, it’s the greed of individual possession that snatches bread from the hungry and strips the cold until naked. Us human’s are an amazing lot, we don’t mind breathing each others foul breath sitting in those huge conference halls; while deciding to dump our excessive food instead of donating it to the famine stricken. Let only those brag about there wealth who could bring there dead back to life.
Maybe it’s the lack of faith in our selves that leads us to such insecure behaviors. Most of us to an extent say so much yet hardly mean any bit of our talks. Desperation is common among many because our faith in what we consider appropriated is little, this also weakens nations and there roots, perishes religion from our hearts and makes us insecure enough to end up in doubting intentions of our dearest. Many cheeks would have been rosier only if the pleasure of believing was common today, just the way it was when Messiah (pbuh) wandered the streets of Jerusalem.
High speed internet perhaps was the last nail in the coffin of tolerance. The only time we get to hear that, [patience is a virtue] is by our lawyer while submitting for bankruptcy. Time is the most precious commodity mankind has, yet this amazing race doesn’t mind wasting it for friends but may never forgive a slip of their tongue. Most of our problems exist only because the brutality of our narcissism snatches away the patience to bear the difference of opinion. Our false ego hinders us from leaping forward to stop a friend from leaving.
Those of us who can thank our friends for favors, instead of needing to pay them back are luckier.
Sustainable socio welfare is only possible if we stop complaining like I did all the way through this article or maybe it’s just a wake up call to my self.

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