Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Solar LED street lights

Solar LED street lights! What, where, when and how are the questions that came along, with a lot of excitement after hearing about this innovative green idea. Jongoh Lee’s innovative solar led street lights are an idea out of a fairy tale that can create an ambiance of shadow and glow sprinkling out of trees to freckle the paths and pavements underneath. These leaves like solar led street lights are a great example of the fact that renewable energy can be extremely flexible. Humble and exciting solar led street lights are not screwed or fixed any where instead they coil around the tree branches in a charming manner consuming solar energy during the day and emitting light during the night as if the process of photosynthesis has been happening whole day long in these solar led street lights. After being awarded with IDEA, many are considering these solar led street lights as the green solution to the ugly path globs and pole mounted florescent street lights. Solar led street lights is not only an innovative environment friendly green idea but also the apple of many landscape designers now.

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