Monday, July 28, 2008

Choke America Choke

Choke America Choke! Should be the final slogan of John Mccain/Obama as they wish to choke tribal areas of Pakistan with military offense (Possibly bombing) to stop the so called talibanization and find Bin-laden. American’s on the other hand are already chocked with the flop voluntary-pollution reduction program and fund drops in social welfare programs.
Choked with intoxicating Red Tape and Lack of Interest Gasses the office of inspector General Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] coughed about how the efforts to control potent greenhouse gases emitted from aluminum smelters, landfills, coal mines and large farms are being hindered as the Bush administration struggles to fund choked war fronts in Iraq & Afghanistan. The deadliest choke comes with the part where White House actually seems swollen with pride of the fact that the U.S. is "well on track to meet an 18% drop in carbon dioxide emissions by 2012. The cough from the EPA’s Inspector generals office did not sound like addressing the most plentiful greenhouse gas — carbon dioxide — or the biggest sources of it, transportation and electric power plants. The IG report also sneezed about additional policy options required for reducing emissions beyond the White House's target. But since the Bush administration has adamantly refused to apply the Clean Air Act to regulating GHG emissions (despite the coughing by the Supreme Court to do so).......................!?
But hay who can blame an establishment that is committed towards shoving a customizable design of democracy down whole world’s throat at the cost of national health and social welfare as most probably it’s the only chocked frame of mind they process with.
Americans should start shopping for oxygen cylinders & upgrade there Medical insurances before The Carlyle Group invests into them. As Obama’s new war front in Pakistan will take them no where but Asthma practitioners.

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