Monday, November 16, 2009

Earth is Home

Space might be the final frontier but earth is home. The more we explore the universe we realize how unique earth is. The irony here is that we mankind probably knows more about outer space then our earth, its deep seas or the heart of Amazon rain forest. Species on earth number in the millions, however they are disappearing more rapidly then they are being discovered. Humanity has been searching far from as far into the universe as our current technology allows to find a similar planet which shares properties with earth however its reinforces the view that we are in a unique position relative to everything.

Earth has seen a lot during its lifetime 4.6 billion years, out of which it has been inhabited by life for around 3.7 billion years. Mercilessly man has still to find any signs of life on other planets within out galaxy or indeed other galaxies. Earth the unique quality of having seen such vast amounts of species each so unique from the next that they might as well be alien. Nature, Mother Earth, God wherever name might be given to it. The system that runs our earth is perfect in its architecture with in its bounds it has existed for centuries, millennium and further in a fine balance. Each variable so delicate that if one is touch all others are effected.

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