Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Solar Power

In our search for renewable energy which would ultimately be able to replace fossil fuels. We have looked everywhere for answers from bio fuels to, nuclear energy. The only renewable resource that Man has come across which has the properties and capabilities of petroleum and then some is solar power. If some of the statistics provided by scientists are to be considered taken into context the only problem left to resolve is how to harness solar power, if we find an efficient way of doing so solar power can provide for all our needs and lets face it the Sun is here to stay for a few billion years so we would never have to find an alternative source. Solar power is being harnessed but on small scales.

We have yet to make a complete model in which everything that normal human being does in a civilized environment can be processed using solar power. This includes everyday chores such as cooking, cleaning, transport, work, lighting just naming a few. The Japanese even had plans to have Hugh mirrors in space which would harness solar power. however most recently the technology required to harness solar power is steadily improving and the capabilities of its use are reassuring. Solar power is only being held back by the people who have power only because they have resources that are limited and hence it gives them great powers. Solar power would change all that as it is far more difficult if not impossible to control.

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