Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Houcs of Hybrid Vehicle

Is hybrid vehicle really the solution to our energy & environment based problems? Can a hybrid vehicle really be an energy efficient solution of transport? Is the manufacturing of hybrid vehicle an environment friendly process? & if hybrid vehicle is really an answer to all our problems then, how much energy are we going to conserve by switching to hybrid vehicle & what impacts would hybrid vehicles leave on our environment. Lets see are we sure we wish to talk about hybrid vehicle, is adopting to hybrid vehicle really a solution and if the era of hybrid vehicle would only be a transiently phase then do we really need to invest into hybrid vehicle.

Looking beyond hybrid vehicle tells us that there are batter solutions then adopting hybrid vehicles. We’ve been able to develop more efficient technologies, then the misty and deceiving hybrid vehicle. We know that before the world wars, air and kinetic energy based engines were operational in buses and trams in Europe, the capitalist decided to kill those Eco friendly cheaper to use technologies so that fossil fuel could be exploited. Now when the wind of change is blowing they are trying there luck with the hocus of hybrid vehicle, they intend to keep the technologies such as electric and hydrogen cars very costly until that they can pull the last of fossil fuel from the planet and choke the last human being to death. Renewable resources of energy are already promising free electricity in the longer run, then rejecting an electric car and advocating a hybrid vehicle is nothing less then a game of deception. Water being the waste of a hydrogen vehicle makes hybrid vehicle a gas guzzler.

Demand Alternate, Demand Renewable cos you earn for your self not for your vehicle.

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