Friday, July 25, 2008

EMR Systems, Environment Friendly Healthcare

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records but it’s definitely the new code for sustainability in the field of Medicine and healthcare. EMR Systems are making lives easy at medical transcription offices and simplifying clinical procedures. On one occasion it costs about 7 stapler pins at least 15-25 A4 size papers, mailing/receiving and a lot of human effort, while not using EMR Systems at healthcare facilities, for every visiting American Patient. EMR Systems are eliminating the hefty record keeping, paper based demography, Medical insurance paper work, hand written test requests/results and prescription. Replacing them with the Green & clean Electronic Medical Record systems.
EMR Systems are not very old in USA; in fact a significant drop in the usage and sales of EMR Systems was recorded after the HIPPA act 1996 became effective. Practices and individual physicians were shy using EMR Systems to avoid any type of identity, and critical personal information complications. Fortunately with the CCHIT [certified electronic medical records] backing and certifying these EMR Systems, has encouraged sales and usage of EMR Systems at hospitals and clinics.
Companies like CureMD Corporation, NextGen, CERNER, EpicCare are some market leaders along with many others that are producing, EMR Systems, services and solutions. Services such as Electronic Medical billing, Health Business Processes Outsourcing, Online Patient Registration, Medical Data Migrating/Compiling, and Electronic Physician Order Entry along with Medical Mobile Care are the new generation of EMR Systems. These products and services are not only developing paper free environment at clinics and hospitals but also ensuring lesser visits to the practices for lab reports/ test results and lesser adverse drug events thus leading to a much efficient and patient friendly scenario. On the other hand EMR Systems are making tiring and annoying insurance & claim processes easier and faster as they can be performed with a few clicks. Benefits of EMR Systems are countless as they bring an evolution in the way medical practices work and reduce overtimes and errors along with file compiling and energy needs. I feel confident and hopeful that EMR Systems are the green turn that healthcare industry is taking.

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