Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Concept of Sustainability

Sustainability is usually associated with using renewable sources of energy for fulfilling our electricity needs. Sustainability is about being amazingly capable and self-sufficient. Sustainability is some thing very close to human nature and desire of being self-governing and independent, yet sustainability is not arrogant like autonomy as it possesses the remedial humbleness of sharing and dignity of freedom.

Just yesterday during an interview a discussion on sustainability and renewable energy started and I was asked/complained that solar panels worth $xxx are not efficient enough to be run X-number of air-cons. Now a simpler answer could have been an advice to increase the number of solar panels or the storage capacity. Once again this was a case of not understanding the concept of sustainability and environment friendliness. To a lot of us it environment friendly to keep the central cooling on 24/7 as long as the electricity is being generated through renewable sources of energy, just the way its quite satisfying for many to pull there super expensive hybrids out to grab eggs & cheese. Sustainability is about insulating walls to avoid the need of an air-con, and introducing sky light instead of expensive chandlers.
My last statement of the interview was a simple definition of sustainability being the art of utmost consciousness not only environmentally but also personally as humans are responsible for mega cities and their carbon feet print. I’ve been told to join this new job from Monday July 21st 08 and I plan to ride my bicycle to work, hoping to adopt a bit of sustainable life style.

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