Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shipping Container Playlands Next Generation of Container Recycling

Shipping Container playlands are the next generation of cargo container recycling. After the successful acceptance of container homes as a solution to cheaper and environment friendly housing, shipping container playlands are also the next mega recycling. These shipping container playlands can be considered as a hint of what the future of sustainable living shapes into, as conscious recycling is becoming a necessity.
Phooey Architects in, Australia used shipping containers to construct a playland for children in South Melbourne, and they look great as all four shipping containers are modified into a very nice continuous design which gives a feel of a proper playland for kids. If we are going to develop housing out of shipping containers then creating shipping container playlands seems to be the most obvious counterpart.
Shipping container playlands are not only an innovative recycling idea but also a great way to educate both kids and adults about how conscious use of scrap leads to sustainable life style.

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