Monday, July 28, 2008

Choke America Choke

Choke America Choke! Should be the final slogan of John Mccain/Obama as they wish to choke tribal areas of Pakistan with military offense (Possibly bombing) to stop the so called talibanization and find Bin-laden. American’s on the other hand are already chocked with the flop voluntary-pollution reduction program and fund drops in social welfare programs.
Choked with intoxicating Red Tape and Lack of Interest Gasses the office of inspector General Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] coughed about how the efforts to control potent greenhouse gases emitted from aluminum smelters, landfills, coal mines and large farms are being hindered as the Bush administration struggles to fund choked war fronts in Iraq & Afghanistan. The deadliest choke comes with the part where White House actually seems swollen with pride of the fact that the U.S. is "well on track to meet an 18% drop in carbon dioxide emissions by 2012. The cough from the EPA’s Inspector generals office did not sound like addressing the most plentiful greenhouse gas — carbon dioxide — or the biggest sources of it, transportation and electric power plants. The IG report also sneezed about additional policy options required for reducing emissions beyond the White House's target. But since the Bush administration has adamantly refused to apply the Clean Air Act to regulating GHG emissions (despite the coughing by the Supreme Court to do so).......................!?
But hay who can blame an establishment that is committed towards shoving a customizable design of democracy down whole world’s throat at the cost of national health and social welfare as most probably it’s the only chocked frame of mind they process with.
Americans should start shopping for oxygen cylinders & upgrade there Medical insurances before The Carlyle Group invests into them. As Obama’s new war front in Pakistan will take them no where but Asthma practitioners.

Friday, July 25, 2008

EMR Systems, Environment Friendly Healthcare

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records but it’s definitely the new code for sustainability in the field of Medicine and healthcare. EMR Systems are making lives easy at medical transcription offices and simplifying clinical procedures. On one occasion it costs about 7 stapler pins at least 15-25 A4 size papers, mailing/receiving and a lot of human effort, while not using EMR Systems at healthcare facilities, for every visiting American Patient. EMR Systems are eliminating the hefty record keeping, paper based demography, Medical insurance paper work, hand written test requests/results and prescription. Replacing them with the Green & clean Electronic Medical Record systems.
EMR Systems are not very old in USA; in fact a significant drop in the usage and sales of EMR Systems was recorded after the HIPPA act 1996 became effective. Practices and individual physicians were shy using EMR Systems to avoid any type of identity, and critical personal information complications. Fortunately with the CCHIT [certified electronic medical records] backing and certifying these EMR Systems, has encouraged sales and usage of EMR Systems at hospitals and clinics.
Companies like CureMD Corporation, NextGen, CERNER, EpicCare are some market leaders along with many others that are producing, EMR Systems, services and solutions. Services such as Electronic Medical billing, Health Business Processes Outsourcing, Online Patient Registration, Medical Data Migrating/Compiling, and Electronic Physician Order Entry along with Medical Mobile Care are the new generation of EMR Systems. These products and services are not only developing paper free environment at clinics and hospitals but also ensuring lesser visits to the practices for lab reports/ test results and lesser adverse drug events thus leading to a much efficient and patient friendly scenario. On the other hand EMR Systems are making tiring and annoying insurance & claim processes easier and faster as they can be performed with a few clicks. Benefits of EMR Systems are countless as they bring an evolution in the way medical practices work and reduce overtimes and errors along with file compiling and energy needs. I feel confident and hopeful that EMR Systems are the green turn that healthcare industry is taking.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shipping Container Playlands Next Generation of Container Recycling

Shipping Container playlands are the next generation of cargo container recycling. After the successful acceptance of container homes as a solution to cheaper and environment friendly housing, shipping container playlands are also the next mega recycling. These shipping container playlands can be considered as a hint of what the future of sustainable living shapes into, as conscious recycling is becoming a necessity.
Phooey Architects in, Australia used shipping containers to construct a playland for children in South Melbourne, and they look great as all four shipping containers are modified into a very nice continuous design which gives a feel of a proper playland for kids. If we are going to develop housing out of shipping containers then creating shipping container playlands seems to be the most obvious counterpart.
Shipping container playlands are not only an innovative recycling idea but also a great way to educate both kids and adults about how conscious use of scrap leads to sustainable life style.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Concept of Sustainability

Sustainability is usually associated with using renewable sources of energy for fulfilling our electricity needs. Sustainability is about being amazingly capable and self-sufficient. Sustainability is some thing very close to human nature and desire of being self-governing and independent, yet sustainability is not arrogant like autonomy as it possesses the remedial humbleness of sharing and dignity of freedom.

Just yesterday during an interview a discussion on sustainability and renewable energy started and I was asked/complained that solar panels worth $xxx are not efficient enough to be run X-number of air-cons. Now a simpler answer could have been an advice to increase the number of solar panels or the storage capacity. Once again this was a case of not understanding the concept of sustainability and environment friendliness. To a lot of us it environment friendly to keep the central cooling on 24/7 as long as the electricity is being generated through renewable sources of energy, just the way its quite satisfying for many to pull there super expensive hybrids out to grab eggs & cheese. Sustainability is about insulating walls to avoid the need of an air-con, and introducing sky light instead of expensive chandlers.
My last statement of the interview was a simple definition of sustainability being the art of utmost consciousness not only environmentally but also personally as humans are responsible for mega cities and their carbon feet print. I’ve been told to join this new job from Monday July 21st 08 and I plan to ride my bicycle to work, hoping to adopt a bit of sustainable life style.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ingredients of Social Wisdom

Faith, Patience and Sharing.

The idea of our grand parents sharing toilets with the rest of the population in their neighborhood used to disgust me, until one day I read this perception changing line some where, [How much of this precious planet do we wish to spare for dumps, landfills and attach baths in our homes]
What just happened to us, how we became so self centered that sharing smiles is not common anymore. What made us so unsure of yourselves, there is no such thing as food insecurity and failing societies, it’s the greed of individual possession that snatches bread from the hungry and strips the cold until naked. Us human’s are an amazing lot, we don’t mind breathing each others foul breath sitting in those huge conference halls; while deciding to dump our excessive food instead of donating it to the famine stricken. Let only those brag about there wealth who could bring there dead back to life.
Maybe it’s the lack of faith in our selves that leads us to such insecure behaviors. Most of us to an extent say so much yet hardly mean any bit of our talks. Desperation is common among many because our faith in what we consider appropriated is little, this also weakens nations and there roots, perishes religion from our hearts and makes us insecure enough to end up in doubting intentions of our dearest. Many cheeks would have been rosier only if the pleasure of believing was common today, just the way it was when Messiah (pbuh) wandered the streets of Jerusalem.
High speed internet perhaps was the last nail in the coffin of tolerance. The only time we get to hear that, [patience is a virtue] is by our lawyer while submitting for bankruptcy. Time is the most precious commodity mankind has, yet this amazing race doesn’t mind wasting it for friends but may never forgive a slip of their tongue. Most of our problems exist only because the brutality of our narcissism snatches away the patience to bear the difference of opinion. Our false ego hinders us from leaping forward to stop a friend from leaving.
Those of us who can thank our friends for favors, instead of needing to pay them back are luckier.
Sustainable socio welfare is only possible if we stop complaining like I did all the way through this article or maybe it’s just a wake up call to my self.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weird and Wonderful Gab Leaf & Garlic Association.

They are large, warm brown and scattered all over the jog track and the green patch on the both sides of the track. For the past hole week during our dusk walks mum’s been staring at those gab leafs in a bizarre manner, and I’ve been making prepositions in my mind about what is she thinking about, staring at the shaded brown blanket covering the grounds.
Yesterday mum tugged me out of my mental misery.
MUM started: [Do you remember how Bill Mollison covered the grounds around his potato plantation with news paper and hay to prevent water evaporation and weeds from growing along] I am responsible of showing her all Permaculture videos on you tube.
The dumb surprised look on my face made her giggle a bit and then,
MUM continued: [I want to use these glossy brown gab leafs to cover the planter bed up stairs at home and plant Garlic there]
I go: OK!
MUM: Well that would save me a trip every day to water them.
Then she pulled a large folded plastic bag out of her hand bag.
MUM: Fill them with the glossy ones.
While collecting the nice glossy brown ones I was smiling at my lazy self and the active thrifty personality my mother has. We picked quite a full yesterday and I took this photograph, the glossy brown leafs and the Garlic look fantastic together.
I’ll be posting some more details and maybe photographs too, of our little Garlic and Gab leaf Permaculture experiment as soon as mum finds some time to make me do it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sustainable Economy For USA

Sustainable economy is what North Americans are missing the most these days. Times are bad now and I can't spare a cent out of my limited income, this phrase is so common now that sales people at hyper marts and every where else are being trained with rebuttals to cope up with such deal debarment signals. The real question maybe is, was there ever a sustainable economy in USA, if yes then what happened to the sustainability of that sustainable economy. May disagree and argue that the USA never enjoyed sustainable economy.

A sneak peek back into the past 3 decades of USA; shows the glimmering figures of a pliant economy which was misjudged in contrast with the September 11 terrorist attacks. Despite an estimated $120 billion of damage and a great deal of anxiety, one year following the 9/11 attacks considerable recovery was recorded in U.S economy. If we review the federal budgets between FY 1998 and FY 2001 $ 48.3 billion where available in surplus. Still these figures here are not answering the question about how sustainable economy has been in USA.

Sustainable economy by definition should be able to survive all economical jolts it come across, or at least rejuvenate naturally without any assistance from external control. One should not really be troubled while uttering that Sustainable economy never existed in USA; in fact it's rather hard to differentiate North American economy from the economy of UAE. It's about time that Americans should realize that the government can't go on maintaining social welfare funds while funding war fronts in two different countries.

So who is going to develop a sustainable economy in USA? If Americans are expecting the government and the administration to do so, then it's not going to happen; simply because governments develop central economies, if not federal then state based economies.

Sustainable economies are town based economies; they do not originate from Manhattan or Boston they are developed in back yards in suburbs. Sustainable economies are not dependent on huge financial centers they need home base local industry and consumer from the neighboring towns to thrive. Central grid stations, fossil fuel costs and energy crises don't hinder there growth as sustainable economies use simple renewable energy resources to satisfy there energy needs, groceries are picked from local farm markets instead of super market shelves.

Why grow tulips and roses in the back yard and pick cabbage and carrots from the super market, why not pick flowers from the local florist and harvest food from our own gardens. Instead of getting another gas guzzler financed why not get a wind turbine or a photo-voltaic unit leased. Sustainable economies develop through garage sales and local service providers; they depend on surveying local markets instead of flipping the yellow pages.

Times are hard because excess of use is the back bone of AMERICAN economy, swapping plastic money is common and we don't care about the origination of a product. Sustainable economy is based on human consciousness about the resources locally available waiting to be utilized. Sustainable economy USA, sustainable living, solar energy, wind energy, renewable energy, North American economy.

Sustainable living

Sustainable living or sustainable life style, for many is just environment friendly living, the true séance & meaning of sustainable living can be understood only if we can understand the denotation of the word sustainable it’s self. Anything that can survive and can be rejuvenated after the test of time and every day direct and indirect factors is sustainable. Sustainability of a nation a social set up or simply the way we spend our lives depends upon how independent are we when it come to fulfill our daily needs on personal and national level both. Thus sustainable living is all about being independent when it comes to mobility, food production, health care and so on, sustainable living also depends highly upon sustainable production of mother of all leisure and production Energy.
Sustainable living amazingly is also environment friendly living. Every step taken by us towards sustainable living is also a step towards a cleaner carbon free environment around us. Not every family can have there own coal mine along with there personal coal power station, generating electricity for there home only, but every family can have there own wind turbines and solar panels on there roof tops generating electricity for individual units in a very sustainable manner. There is so much that can be done when it comes to sustainable living from growing some bit of our own food to producing a portion of our energy needs independently at little or zero cost. Many Americans should be able to learn about sustainability from there grandparents who struggled through the great depression of 1930s as sustainable living is 90% about consuming less or at least consuming consciously, only if we would squeeze our tooth paste tubes hard enough to utilize that last bit of cream we trash out most of the time. Sustainable living depends on consuming consciously, what if fuel hits $10 a litter how many of us would walk to the super market and catch subways to work.
Switching to sustainable living and environment friendly life styles should be much easier for North Americans and Europeans, as the consumption is these developed parts of the world is already very high in terms of energy, fuel, food and daily use commodities, while poorer and developing nations of Africa and Asia should be able to speeded up there development and real growth simply through adopting sustainable living.
Let’s be a bit hypothetical about sustainability, now only if every Iraqi and Afghani family had there own solar power panels instead of central grid based power system, United Sates would have had to literally bomb every single house in these countries to cut the power of these countries along with there communication. Sustainable living is not only green it can also be a nations most powerful yet peace full defense system.

Some of the simplest yet effective things we could do to reduce our carbon foot print, sustainable living are easy to adopt, some effortless changes made around our houses and work places can have a very positive impact towards our local ecology.

Sustainable living and the CF bulb

Only by replacing one 60 watts incandescent light bulb with one CF bulb in every home of North America we could get rid of the pollution equaling to removing one million gas guzzling cars off the road, but this is half of the advantage think all light bulbs in USA replace with CF bulb’s and the natural cut down in power needs.

Sustainable living and Eco friendly commute

Staying fit and healthy is the base to sustainable living; walking and cycling to work are the perfect ways to stay fit for our busy urban life style. Not only by doing so we stay fit but also save money, help air pollution and save soil. In one of my article about my personal experience of paddling to work I’ve mentioned about just how we can save up to 2 tons of carbon emissions per annum one can save and how fit one can stay.

Sustainable Living and vampire voltage

Every time we switch off our AC’s, TV’s, Micro wave oven’s and many other devices we tend to leave them hooked in the power socket, and tiny red light stays. These tiny red light indicate the vampire voltage being consumed by these devices, if all North Americans start controlling these vampire volts they can shutdown about 10 to 15 coal power stations.

Sustainable living and organic food

We are what we eat, so we are weaklings as we eat week food produced with an aid of fertilizers and pesticides, organic food is now in demand and it production is still low, producing organic food is not only easier but also dirt cheap for farmers and they save on pesticides, and fertilizers and use insects and natural organic wastes to aid there crop. Organic food is a back bone to sustainable living, the concept of sustainability is all about healthy life, every organic vegetable and fruit helps reduce cancer risk, organic red grapes for example are know to reduce cancer risk to almost half as the plant fights against the fruit fungus thus creates an immune to fight cancer.

Sustainable living and reclaiming

Many fashion designers are reclaiming fabric, many product and furniture designers are reclaiming materials such as wood and fibers. I would not mind reclaiming an iron or wooden trunk for a coffee table with a lick of paint on our old furniture we can follow the thrifty green path of sustainable life style.

Sustainable living is all about sitting together at family meals, traveling together and enjoying together. Sustainable living totally depends on small conscious steps taken by us like preferring a hybrid vehicle over a gas guzzler, investing in solar water heaters and photo voltaic cells, planting vegetables instead of flowers in the yard, creating paper free environment at work and switching to CF bulbs all this is sustainable living, and economical living as well as non of this should be chucking our pockets in fact sustainable living starts returning money to our pockets in about two to three years of our investment.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Solar Rickshaw London Lahore


Cycle, CNG and LPG rickshaws are common in the developing countries such as India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Rickshaws are one of the major transport facilities in these countries, but another type of rickshaw is about to hit London January 09, this rickshaw wont be runny on fossil fuel energy, Solar Lab a UK based renewable energy research company is developing a rickshaw powered by sustainable clean green solar & human energy. According to the drawing and design details by solar lab, photovoltaic solar cells will be making the roof of the ride and aid the paddle power. According to solar lad solar rickshaw will consume 75 % or more of the required power through the photovoltaic cells while the remaining power will be generated through the paddling by the driver. This human and solar powered hybrid solar rickshaw is expected to reduce 2 tons of carbon emissions per Annam/each rickshaw. As the design of this solar rickshaw is modular so it can easily be converted into load bearing vehicle. If solar rickshaw is a success next ear in London then we might see them in other major cities all over the world.

My hybrid rickshaw design is a bit different from Sun lab’s solar rickshaw design, inspired by the aero turbines of Dr. Bill Becker I am thinking of harnessing the naturally produced wind energy due to the movement of the rickshaw along with the solar energy as well, integrating paddle power in my hybrid rickshaw for backup will be great, so my rickshaw will have an aero turbine mounted on the top along with photovoltaic cells on the roof as well as paddle power for back up and little exercise for the rickshaw driver, every time the rickshaw will hit 6mph the aero turbine should start producing electricity along with the photovoltaic cells juicing up the batteries not only under sun light but also with the wind drag produced through the movement of the rickshaw, thus making it a very efficient and zero carbon emission rickshaw. Running on the roads in Lahore I’m gona call it URAN KHATOLA

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